Safe installation, safe repair, safecracking, and more

If you’re in need of safe installation, safe repair, safecracking, or safe combination changes, Michigan Security & Lock’s team of seasoned, professional safe technicians can help. As a leading locksmith in Kalamazoo, we take pride in our ability to service an unmatched selection of safes, including those manufactured by AMSEC, Gardall, Steelwater, Fort Knox, and Liberty. Using the latest safe tools and equipment, we’re able to work on safes of all brands, styles, and sizes, from the most current, technologically advanced models to older, antique safes.

Safe opening and safecracking

Every year, countless people forget or misplace the combinations to their safes. To get your safe opened, Michigan Security & Lock can use lock manipulation, which allows us to avoid the need to drill and ensures that your safe is still usable. No matter the age or locking mechanism, our technicians will work diligently to open your safe without causing any damage. As security professionals, we can assist you with lost combinations, misplaced keys, or forgotten digital keypad codes and can reset your safe’s combination after it has been opened.

Safe combination changes

Do too many people know your safe’s combination, compromising your security? Our safe technicians can change your safe’s combination to a new number, granting your older safe a new level of security. Whether you’re looking to change the combination to your home’s gun safe or you need to rotate the combinations to your business’ cash safes, our highly trained and qualified team has been serving residential and commercial customers in the Kalamazoo area for years.

Safe repair

For your security, it is essential to keep your safe or vault in excellent condition. Michigan Security & Lock is uniquely qualified to handle all of your safe repair, service, and maintenance needs. Whether your safe’s door is having difficulty closing or its dial has become wobbly, we can restore your safe to proper, factory-working order. In addition to repairs, we can also convert your dial-based safe to an electronic keypad, adding a new level of convenience to your existing safe without the need for total replacement.

Safe moving

If you’re intimidated by the thought of moving your safe, let Michigan Security & Lock lend a hand. We have the equipment and experience necessary to move safes of all sizes into – and out of – new business and residential locations. With the aim of providing quick, affordable safe moving services, we have assisted with the relocation of a large number of safes in use today.

Emergency safe service

As a 24-hour locksmith in Kalamazoo, we provide fast, high-quality safe services around the clock. If you’ve been locked out of your safe and can’t wait until morning to address the issue, we can dispatch technicians to your location and begin working on the problem immediately. Whether your safe is key, keypad, or dial-operated, you can be confident that you’re working with the area’s best safe specialists.