Access control security, CCTV, keyless door locks, and more

With the ability to provide an assortment of industry-leading commercial security solutions, Michigan Security & Lock can assist your business with the installation of access control security, CCTV systems, electronic door hardware, intercom systems, and more. Whether you’re looking to improve the security of your manufacturing facility or you’re interested in implementing better screening systems, our experienced team can work with you to identify, source, and install a wide range of high-quality commercial security products.

Access control systems

When it comes to protecting your work or business, Michigan Security & Lock can install access control systems capable of monitoring who is coming in and out of your building. As the area’s leading experts in the field of high-tech access control, we supply keyless entry and keyless door lock systems for both homes and commercial buildings.

CCTV systems

At Michigan Security & Lock, we make it our goal to meet our customers’ high standards. CCTV equipment will let you track and monitor all activity surrounding your commercial environment. This technology allows you to be cognizant of the area before threatening situations escalate and provides you with an important record of unexpected events. For convenience, our CCTV systems can be controlled using both your computer and smartphone.

Intercom systems

Opening communication channels throughout your property, intercoms are a form of access control security that can help to safeguard your commercial property. The installation of an intercom system is a complex process that requires specialized equipment and tools. The technicians at Michigan Security & Lock are well-versed in the use of this equipment and have installed countless systems for businesses across West Michigan.

Electronic door hardware

Electronic door locks are electrified door releasing mechanisms that can be integrated into different types of access control systems. With a wide assortment of electronic door hardware available, Michigan Security & Lock can help you select the most prudent, secure, and cost-effective option for your business.