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High Security Key Systems
You can find Information ranging from lock picking to lock bumping and other lock bypass techniques is scatter all over the internet.  One way to properly protect your property from simple attacks is by installing high security locks from Medeco or Schlage Primus.

Primus Locks and keys by Schlage
We have long been challenged by the security problems resulting from unauthorized key duplication. The solutions to these problems are usually expensive, requiring the total replacement of all cylinders in order to maintain the integrity of a key system and regain key control. The Schlage Primus High Security Cylinder System is the answer to unauthorized key duplication.
Primus answers the issue vital to maintaining security, the elimination of key duplication. A patented "dual-locking" feature is tailored to suit your particular needs. The Primus key, with side-bit milling along the key blade, is designed to operate both standard as well as Primus keyways. A standard Schlage section key cannot enter the unique Primus cylinder. Only authorized Schlage Primus dealers can duplicate the key for the end-user designated with a Primus identification card.
Five security levels are differentiated by increasingly restrictive key availability, more selective signature verifications and side-bit milling combinations.
The Primus system is compatible with Schlage's full line of security locks, easily accommodating upgrades to existing Schlage keying systems. The Primus with its unique patented Side-Bit Milling is rigidly controlled. Only the Schlage factory cuts the side-bit milling on the special key blanks. These key blanks are issued to specific Primus Center locksmiths for the duplication of keys. This feature successfully protects against the unauthorized duplication of keys.


Medeco High Security Locks
One of the best features of Medeco Locks is the patented key control system they have, this is a process in which only authorized Medeco locksmith dealers are able to copy or create keys for Medeco High Security Locks. A standard key can be copied even if it says do not duplicate, the security is in the key control and the manipulation of the lock.
The other major benefit of Medeco Locks is how resistant they are to lock picking and lock bumping.  Medeco has specially designed tumbler pins that must be elevated and rotated to a specific point before they will unlock and this can only happen when the key is inserted.
Since bump keys and pick tools are easily attainable by thieves, Michigan Security and Lock strongly recommends the Medeco Locks to all of our customers both residential and commercial.

Medeco Lock they have the largest section of retro fit lock cylinders on the market that a skilled Michigan Security and Lock technician can install into your home or office when you need it.