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Electronic locks are the electrified door releasing mechanisms that are connected to many different types of access control system. There are different many different types and grades of electrified locked hardware

Mag lock
The most basic type of electronic lock is a magnetic lock (commonly called a mag lock). A large electro-magnet is mounted on the door frame and a corresponding armature is mounted on the door. When the magnet is powered and the door is closed, the armature is bonded to the magnet. Mag locks by design is a fail unlocked or Fail Safe locking device, which is if power is removed they become unlock. However, because the lock must be un-powered to release for entry and exit, very specific hardware must be used to release the door.

Electric strikes
An electric strike replaces the standard strike plate mounted on the door frame that receive the latch and latch bolt. Some electric strikes require that the door frame be heavily modified.
The advantage of an Electric strike is that they allow free egress.  An example is as a user leaves, they simply operate the lockset in the door, and the electric strike in the door frame only releases the door when triggered. Electric strikes can also be either fail unlocked or secure fail locked.

Electric mortise and cylindrical locks
Electric locks that are mortise or cylindrical are electrified replacements for the door mounted mechanical locks. Electric mortise or cylindrical locks allow mechanical free egress. Electric mortise or cylindrical locks can be either fail unlocked or fail locked.

Electrified exit hardware

Electrified exit hardware, also called electrified panic hardware or crash bars are commonly used on exterior doors and on fire exit. A single motion against the bar will open it making it one of the most reliable and easiest exit methods. Electrified exit hardware can be either fail unlocked or fail locked.





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