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Door Installation

Whether it’s an entire new opening or replacing an existing door and frame with an updated replacement or an automatic opening door to bring your facility up to code or to meet ADA handicap regulations.Our highly qualified personnel are available to immediately replace the door and repair any other damage and installing proper door locking hardware.Michigan Security and Lock provides the service of replacing any interior or exterior door when needed.  

By, simply replacing or repairing a door can make a significant difference in the appearance of the outside of a house. Fully experienced with all aspects in the field of  burglary damage repair, there is no need to wait for someone who is unaware of the codes and other requirements for this kind of work.  Our experts will not only take care of the replacement but also explain the best key security system available that will fit your situation.  These repairs and the lock installation are reasonably priced and full satisfaction is guaranteed on all our products

Door Repair

If your commercial storefront door dragging on the ground or not closing properly it is probable that the hinges or pivots are worn. Michigan Security and Lock can repair with exact replacement your hinges pivots. A better solution is to install a continues hinge.  If your metal door is rusting out or falling off the hinges, these and many other door problems can usually be easily and inexpensively repaired without full door or frame replacement.