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Master Key Systems

Simply put, a master key system allows for each lock to have its individual key, but also there is a master key which will open all of the locks.
So if you are tired of having a different key for every door in your business, our experienced technicians at Michigan Security and Lock will engineer a customized master key system specific for your existing locking hardware.
We will utilize the existing hardware that you have. Michigan Security and Lock will integrate a master key system into your current hardware is surprisingly affordable. Not only do we design and implement new master key systems, but we can service and expand your existing system as well.


Michigan Security and Lock, the professional lock service people. With our advanced monthly training and years of on-the-job experience, we’re confident we can resolve any lock problems. When you call, our dispatch we will assist you with the problem by asking you some simple questions and give you our estimated arrival time and arrive in a marked vehicle you’ll be able to recognize. All of our technician's carry identification, so feel free to ask for it.


At Michigan Security and Lock, we provide West Michigan businesses with quality, affordable, commercial-grade hardware for doors, gates, restrooms, filing cabinets, mailboxes, desks, and more. Today, our extensive inventory of commercial hardware includes advanced security solutions in the industry, including access control systems, CCTV System, and electric release hardware. 
In addition to our extensive inventory of hardware, security systems, and parts, we also offer a full range of related services at very competitive prices, including standard keying and rekeying as well as installation, repair, and replacement. As a long-standing, full-service locksmith company, we have the capacity, experience and expertise necessary to meet your business's needs.


Whether it’s an entire new opening or replacing an existing door and frame with an updated replacement or an automatic opening door to bring your facility up to code or to meet ADA handicap regulations. Our highly qualified personnel are available to immediately replace the door and repair any other damage and installing proper door locking hardware. Michigan Security and Lock provides the service of replacing any interior or exterior door when needed.