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Access Control & Keyless Entry

When it comes to protecting your work or business, Michigan Security and Lock installs Access Control Systems that can monitor who is coming in and out of your establishment at any particular time. Michigan Security and Lock supplies keyless entry and access control systems for homes and commercial buildings. We are experts in the field of high tech access control.

Electronic Access Control systems provide access to property through cards, codes, and fingerprint readers, instead of traditional keys. This provides flexibility, control and activity logging to the owner which was impossible in the past. With traditional keys the person has unrestricted access to the property.An Access Control System gives the Owner gain control for individual access to specific areas in your facilities. Owners may restrict access to certain rooms or areas. Access control and keyless entry systems also relieve the risks of lost, stolen or unreturned keys. 

Some of the biggest advantages of an electronic access control system is the ability to document and report access activity and if there is a problem employee, you simply change the access credentials for any individual at any time. This will eliminate the needs to change the locks and replace all of the keys.

This superior flexibility and performance has made access control systems the preferred solution for security conscious individuals and organizations today.There are a variety of keyless entry and access control systems to fit the needs of homeowners and large businesses alike. Call Michigan Security and Lock for  service or a consultation.